If I Eject Myself From This Blog, Will That Make Us Win?

Today’s game was just beyond frustrating.  It’s a good thing I was already in a good mood from Notre Dame’s (my alma mater) big win over Penn State yesterday and from going to my first ever Rams game today and seeing them win (albeit ugly). So I won’t let the Cardinals’ shoddy work spoil my weekend, but, man! 7 runs ought to be enough.  Anytime we score enough runs to get free coffee from Mobil On The Run, that should be enough.  But most of the time this year, it ain’t. 

I look at Pujols in the dugout and think, "God, he must be frustrated."  He hits another homer and goes 3 for 5 but it doesn’t matter when the defense gives up 4 unearned runs early in the game and then the bullpen gives up 5 more. 

The prospect of 7 upcoming games against the Astros is really frightening – almost as scary as their old rainbow uniforms


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