Still Battling

I only saw a little bit of tonight’s game, but I see one big positive in the loss.  The Cards did not give up.  They battled back to make a game of it and gave themselves a chance to win it in the 9th.  That to me shows this team does have heart and a drive to win, and those qualities should serve them well during this final push to the playoffs.  Yes, Cardinal Girl still believes. Kinda.

It was clear to most of us that Mulder was not ready to come back.  What made Tony and Dave think that if he got shelled in his last game at Memphis, he would be a-okay in the Bigs? Bringing him up smacked of our desperation, and it was a terrible decision.  It’s really bad for his mental game too.  Even if he can physically come back next year and pitch well, he might suffer from Ankeil syndrome, especially if they give him another start next week and he gets pounded again. 


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