This One’s Gonna Leave a Mark

I turned the TV on in the 5th inning just as the Mets loaded the bases and thought, "Wow, we’re up 7-1!"  A couple minutes later, it was 7-5, and that sinking feeling began to set in.  Weaver struck out 2 batters after he gave up the slam, so, without being at all educated because I didnt see his earlier innings, I kinda thought Tony should have let him come back out in the 6th. Instead, he sent Wainwright, who gave up a run.  And then Jason gave up Beltran’s two-run walk-off moon shot that probably landed in my old apartment several 7 Train stops away.  It was sickening to watch, and it’s the kind of defeat that leaves a mark.  It’s important the Cards bounce back with a win tomorrow or it could get even uglier, now that the Reds are just a game back. 

To end on a positive note, let’s remember Belliard’s awesome play at 2nd that saved a run.  And let’s focus on Albert’s two homers and 7 RBIs, and hope that his performance tonight is indicative of a return to his early-season off-the-charts dominance. 


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