Jimmy, I Think You Hurt Your Head Real Bad



Jack Torrance took a baseball bat to the cranium in one of my favorite films, The Shining. Jimmy’s head met the centerfield wall in a not particularly friendly how-do-you-do.  Both ended up with heads that hurt real bad, and Jimmy’s head is making a lot of us Cardinal fans hurt real bad too. An unraveling season continues to unravel, as Edmonds had to leave the game the other night complaining of dizziness.  They suspect it’s Post Concussion Syndrome, which has ended our old friend Mike Matheny’s season.  We can only hope Jimmy’s case is minor, because we really need him back in the lineup.  Personally, I think his head is partially clouded with uncertainty, given the Country Day Crew’s reluctance to give him security.   Get well soon, Jimmy, pleeez.

Hear the sound clip that inspired my subject line.


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