So long, Luna…Hello, Ronnie

BelliardAs dismal as this weekend with the Cubs was, there’s a ray of light in the Cards’ trade of Hector Luna for Ronnie Belliard.  If we were going to give up 1/2 of our 2nd base platoon, I would have rather seen Miles go, but I guess the Indians have better taste.  I liked Luna and felt he could contribute at numerous positions, even if he was somewhat inconsistent.  I just don’t see a lot of fire in Miles. When he struck out with the bases loaded to end the game the other day, I wanted to throw something at the TV.  I don’t know much about Belliard, but the numbers sound good.  It will be good to have some stability at second base from a defensive perspective, and it also sounds like he can offer the offensive pop we need.  Now a deal for a new starting pitcher tomorrow would really make me happy… but at least this is something.  Plus, Ronnie’s got cool hair. 




    I was thinking the same thing when they traded Luna. Why trade such a “sound,utility” player like Luna? Miles scares me a bit. He does not have the range the Luna has and he is not as experinced in all of the positions. Plus Luna was used to the way other Cards played the game.

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