Weekend in Arnold

GaslineWe’ve still got no power at my dad’s house in North County, but we managed to find a motel room in Arnold, MO.  Boy, do I wish I was home in LA this weekend instead, where I could be watching the Cards in person.  Things are semi-apocalyptic in North County.  Last night, there was a huge queue at the Quik Trip on the corner of New Halls Ferry and Dunn Rd that was backing up both streets.  There must have been 30 cars lining up for gas.  If people just got on the highway and went a couple exits, they’d find plenty of gas, but either they are short-sighted or don’t have enough gas to get there.  We had one hour of power yesterday before Storm #2 blew through town, knocking down more tree limbs onto power lines, and basically causing Ameren/UE to start over.  426,000 homes are without power as I type this – this handy outage map shows the outages by zip code.  If anyone has tourist tips on things to do, restaurants, etc in Jefferson County or environs, please leave a comment.  This is foreign territory to me.  At least the Live on the Levee concert is still happening tonight and I’ll be enjoying a Bud and brat and watching Cheap Trick


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  1. Mollie

    I have many friends in St. Charles who say things are pretty good there. (Though I haven’t heard anything since yesterday’s storms.)

    Otherwise, go down to Columbia and hang out at Flatbranch all day. (That’s what I’d be most inclined to do. Especially if I was forced to stay in a hotel anyway.)

    Sorry you aren’t in LA for this series. Last night’s game was great and I’m look forward to watching Reyes and Weaver tonight and tomorrow.

    But keep holding down the fort in the Lou. It seems they need all the good mojo they can get. Let them know folks all over the country are sending their best wishes and prayers.

    Take care. Stay dry. Stay cool. (And never change? Suddenly I feel like I’m writing in your yearbook. haha)


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