From the Eye of the Storm

Cardinal Girl won’t let a little thing like a massive storm with possible tornados and no electricity and a boil-water order stand in the way of her blogging!  I am resourceful and have been taken in by a friend in relatively untouched St. Charles today so that I can enjoy the A/C and telecommute to LA via her high speed internet connection.  I sure did pick a great week to visit my hometown.  The storm came out of nowhere last night and knocked out our power in North St. Louis County around 7pm.  It was over fairly quickly, but the winds were indeed fierce.  Many tree branches snapped off around our neighborhood, but I didn’t see any serious damage.  The power to the water plant was knocked out, hence the boil water order.  And they say we may not get power back for 3 days!  I hope they are just trying to keep our expectations low. 

Anyway, conditions at the ballpark were pretty brutal last night too.  It seems almost biblical that the tarp ripped in half.  Kudos to the grounds crew for holding things together and enabling the Cards to play the game and salvage one game out of the series.  At least we can count on Carp, but it would be great if we could consistently put up a lot of runs for the rest of our less than stellar pitching staff. Edmonds is hot, homering in 3 straight games now.  Let’s go beat up on the Dodgers some more!



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