Everything You Wanted to Know About Cardinal Girl But Were Afraid to Ask

Cardinal Girl is the subject of a Spheroid today!  I love the photo of Jack Clark they included – I mention his unibrow and, wham, those mlblogosphere wizards find the perfect photo that showcases it! It was fun filling out the questionnaire and contemplating life’s deep questions like "If your blog were a player, which player would it be and why?"  I said Vince Coleman – you’ll have to read the spheroid to find out why.



  1. Mollie


    Thanks for mentioning my site “Daddy Raised A Cardinals Fan” on your mlblogoshere highlight. I certainly appreciate your support, and you should know that I’m regular at your site for my daily (you are pretty faithful with your entries)haiku fix. Plus, it’s good to know there are other RedBird fans in my neck of the woods. (I’ve been in LA for 8 years and counting.) Which reminds me: Are you going to the games this weekend?


  2. Julie

    Hey Mollie, you’re welcome – we cardinal chicks need to stick together. I’m going to be in STL this weekend so I’m going to miss the LA games – too bad – it would have been fun to meet up!


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