Let’s Make a Deal

Trade speculation on KTRS last night was centering on the possibility of the Cards making a deal for Andrew Jones.  While Jones is certainly a playmaker, I think the Cards would be better off getting a pitcher.  If the Big 3 can stay on track, and they seem to be back on track now (well, Rolen never derailed), hitting isn’t our big problem. The Post speculates the Cards could get Jeff Weaver, and I’d be all for that.  We can’t continue to give up 6-8 runs a game, many of those in the first few innings, and expect to win many games, even with El Hombre.  I was glad to see Tony make some moves and bring up Duncan and Kinney, even if Kinney did get rocked on his first pitch (welcome to the show!).  Thompson was sent down, and he does seem to need some time to settle down and find his rhythm (plus I’m still not convinced he’s of legal age to play – kid looks 14!).  Here’s hoping we can get a win tonight with Carp on the mound.



  1. mtconner@comcast.net

    I don’t know about Weaver. He’s got a plus 6 ERA this year.

    But the real stat is that he has a win-loss record of 81 and 97. He’s only had two winning seasons and one season where he was 13 and 13. Until he proves to me he knows how to win, I wouldn’t want him on a team I support.

    Baby Boomer Baseball Blog.

  2. Erik

    I don’t mind them giving Weaver a shot, it’s not like he can fare much worse. His track record is incosistent, but when he’s good he’s good.

    I’d love Jones, but I wouldn’t put much stock into what KTRS says.

    BTW, welcome to Cardinal bloggerdom. I’ll be sure to add you to my bookmarks. And you may want to not use trackbacks, I’ve been plagued by spammers with those things, and there’s not much a reason to allow them.

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