Payback for Lima

Nice to see the Cards beat up on Jose Lima today.  I live in LA and attended the division series game in 2004 when Lima beat the Cards.  He sure was unstoppable that day.  I’ve never seen LA fans so excited and into a game that wasn’t being played by the Lakers.  He’s a pitcher who is fun to watch because he gets so fired up and you can tell he’s passionate about the game – but I am glad today’s outcome was better for us.  It’s also great to win a series against a competitive team for a change.

So Albert got a day off today because his back was stiff.  I needed a day off blogging yesterday to recover from watching him slip on the on-deck circle.  That was a moment of terror and I felt like I conjured up another stupid rain-induced injury by posting my haiku about Vince Coleman and the killer tarp! 


One comment


    So like baseball that you are superstitious. Don’t you remember what Stevie Wonder sang: when you believe in haikus that cause broken hands…you suffaaaaar.

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