Sign Edmonds, puhleez…

Yesterday’s Post Dispatch story on Jim Edmonds’ unclear fate with the Cardinals was troublesome. It’s true that Jim is turning 36, but I think he has a few more good years in him. He’s coming out of his early season slump and starting to hit, and his gold glove defense can be counted on.  Plus, I think the team needs a veteran like Jimmy Baseball. He’s an anchor for the team.  As if that weren’t enough, I have another very good reason why Jim should stay in St. Louis- he’s still the best-looking Cardinal. We Cardinal chicks have been
burned too many times by good-looking players being sent away – Andy
Van Slyke, Keith Hernandez, etc. Jim’s perfect hair alone is worth the $10 million option – can’t you owners see that?!?!




    Welcome to the MLBlogosphere and always nice to have another blogger here with my former hometown team. Looking forward to your posts, and feel free to comment at the community blog below with any questions/comments about how this place works, how to get traffic, etc. Happy blogging,


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